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  Модераторы: Ha-san, Продий, Anvlak


16 октября, 2003, в 22:41

Бесполезная трепатня! :)


6 июня, 2008, в 23:25


6 июня, 2008, в 23:29
А я не вижу)) Razz
Вернее вижу крестик в рамочке =_="


6 июня, 2008, в 23:33
Вот так-то)


6 июня, 2008, в 23:55
Миса Миса сказал(а)
няяя...кто там в карты играет??? а ну отзовись..."учитель" Няяя
А какая игра вас интересует??? Confused


7 июня, 2008, в 8:06
мммм..я в этом нубик...поетому ммм...нууу...наруто или шаман кинг ня Confused


7 июня, 2008, в 10:41
Можт Юги-о ещё? :D


7 июня, 2008, в 10:41
Миса Миса сказал(а)
Gambling Game

Chapter 1

“C’mon, it’s your turn bro. Y’gotta do it.” A guy with a dog bribed.

“Look, I’m not that kind of guy. You can play in your own game. But count me off.”

“Hn. Wimp.” A guy with long and silky hair taunted.

“I knew he couldn’t do it.” A guy said with his eyes closed as if dozed off to space.

“Hahahaha. TEME!” the other guy with bright blue orbs and yellow locks mocked.

“Will you guys shut the hell up?! I don’t want a girl and I don’t need a playtoy.” A guy with a clearly aggravated face said.

“Aww. You’re the SASUKE UCHIHA. Girls are the least of your worries.” The guy with the dog yapped.

“I don’t care if I am the Sasuke Uchiha. Why don’t you go do it since you’re the Kiba Inuzuka!”

“Teme, Cut out being ‘I’m the Right Hand Man of the Boss. So Feeeaaarrrr Meee.’ crap for a week and hang out with your friends for awhile and have some fun.”

“Well, Naruto, you’re idea of ‘fun’ isn’t my kind of type.”

“It’s Vegas. What could happen in Vegas!?”

“I thought you were much smarter than this Shikamaru.”

“It’s spring break. We got the whole two weeks to ourselves and you’re gonna stay in your house all cramped up…with your brother.”

“Yeah, your brother.” Naruto echoed what Neji said.

“You just have to chill out with us in Vegas. That’s all. Who knows we might even a girl for you.” Shikamaru muttered but loudly enough to be heard.

“Man, sometimes I really wonder why I hang out with you guys.”

And with that Sasuke agreed to come with his friends to Vegas. Although in his head, his evil conscience says to kill them. The guys went out of the Uchiha’s Mansion. But Naruto stayed for a little while.

“I’d never thought we’d make you come with us. I was real worried for a second there.”

“Really?” Sasuke was a wee bit taken aback of Naruto’s remark.

“Yeah… if you didn’t come then what would we do with this airline ticket?”

“What?! You already made a booking and took a ticket but you still didn’t knew what my decision was? Idiot.”

“Hahaha, y’know that what was exactly what Neji said. Hahaha..ehe..ehe…ehe. Soo”

“Go home, idiot.”

“Right, right.”

Next Day

Knock Knock Knock

“I didn’t give you the permission to come in, Itachi.”

“Foolish brother, I came to tell you you’re friends are downstairs.”

“Yeah, yeah, now get out.”

“As you wish, foolish brother.”

“ Stupid.” Sasuke murmured under his pillow.

Bang Bang Bang


“Go away, Naruto!”

Bang Bang Bang

“I said go away!”

“Sasuke Uchiha. Is that anyway to talk to your guests!?”


“Now get up and get dressed.”

Sasuke saw Kiba and Naruto snickering. Neji was smirking. And Shikamaru was asleep or perhaps just resting his eyelids.

“You guys ready now?” Kiba asked.

“OHH YEAH!” Naruto nodded.

“Let’s go now.”

Chapter 2

“VEGAS HERE WE ARE!” Kiba howled.

“Great.” Sasuke muttered under his breath.

“Where should we start?!” Naruto asked.

“Obviously, we have got to check in first or do you prefer lugging this luggage around town?”

Speaking of ‘around town’ let’s check what’s happening on the ‘other’ side of town.

“Well, Sakura, now that we’re here we have got to find you a guy.”

“Didn’t I tell you over and over again?! NO BOYS. Find Hinata. She’s been awfully single for the whole year.”

“S-Sakura! I’m… okay with it.”

“That’s it. You’re talking to the Love Police here, Ino Yamanaka. And I say we both find you a guy.”

“Well, Love Police, aren’t you single yourself?!”

“TenTen, you too are single. You’re in this too and so do I.”

“You guys, I got to go somewhere first. I’ll catch up with you later.”

“Alright, Sakura. Well I guess it’s just the three of us girls. This is what always happens when we go on a vacation. We always split up. I always feel really sad those da-”

“She’s gone, Ino.” TenTen interrupted Ino’s dramatic scene.

“ALRIGHT! Let’s follow her.”

“I…I don’t think… that’s a g-good… idea, Ino. She seems… pretty serious… about it.” Hinata warned.

“Awww, c’mon Hinata. Please. You know how sad Sakura’s been when she and Gaara broke up right?”


“Then won’t you want her to be happy again?”

“I… do.”

“Then let’s follow her. Who knows she might even get in trouble.”

“We’re done! Now let’s get out and find a place to party!” Naruto yelled.

“For once I agree with Naruto.” Neji said.

“Where to?” “Shikamaru asked.

“I heard there’s a fantastic night club called P3.” Kiba suggested.

“C’mon then.” Sasuke pushed.

“Where is she heading!?” TenTen asked.

“She… finally… stopped.”

“Thank god. Hmm, P3? It’s that famous night club.”

“Let’s… go in… we might lose her.” Hinata urged. And she went on.

“Someone’s turning Hinata into a bad girl.” TenTen giggled.

“Who?” Ino asked suspiciously.

TenTen sighed.

Inside P3

“This place is even cooler than the Hokage’s place.” Naruto exclaimed.

“True that.” Kiba agreed.

“Check out all the lights!” Shikamaru implied.

“Hey girl.” Neji greeted the girl that danced around him.

“Don’t go overboard, Neji. Anyway, I’m gonna hit the bar.” Sasuke advised.


“Ino?! Hinata?! TenTen!? What are you doing here!?”

“Ino… planned it… all.” Hinata accused Ino.

“Hinata wanted to come in!” Ino accused Hinata.

“They both planned it.” TenTen accused both.

“You guys, if you wanted to come you could’ve just said so.”

“Dang.” Ino murmured.

“Just dance here, I’m going to the bar.”

“Alright.” TenTen responded.

At the bar

“What will it for you, little lady?” the bartender asked.

“Tequilla Sunrise, please.”

“Good choice there, little lady.”

Sakura smiled.

“What’s it for you, son?” the bartender asked Sasuke this time.

“One Martini.”

“One of the strong ones, ey? If you don’t mind me asking…”

“What is it?”

“You lack a girl, am I right?”

“That’s none of your business, old man.”

“Hah, don’t be ashamed. Why don’t you ask that girl over there? She seems she lacks a guy too. And boy I say it, you look good together.” The bartender chuckled.

“Thanks. But I’m not looking for a girl right now.”

“You’ll take my word, boy. Just you watch.”

Sakura was about take a sip from her drink until someone called her name.


“Gaara! What’re you doing here!?”

“I was just about to ask you the same thing, baby.”

“Gaara, I’m not in the mood right now.”

“Aww, baby, look I’m sorry about what happened. C’mon forgive me.”

“Gaara, what’s past is past. It’s already done.”


“Gaara, you’re drunk.”

“No, I’m not. Baby, come with me. Let’s get out of here.”



“NO. Gaara let go you’re hurting me.”

“Your just gonna stand there, son?” the bartender asked.

“It’s none of my business.” Sasuke grunted.

“And I thought you had morality.”


Still even though Sasuke rejected it. He kept glancing at that girl being hurt by that guy.

“Gaara, please let go.” Sakura was about to cry.

“I won’t until you come with me.”

“She said to let go or are you too deaf to hear?” Sasuke stepped in.

“Back off. This ain’t your business, boy.”

“It is if you keep hurting her.”

“I said back off!” Gaara launched a punch to Sasuke’s face. Unfortunately, he missed.

Sasuke sent off a punch to Gaara’s abdomen.

Gaara fell to the ground groaning.

“You got lucky, pretty boy.” Gaara said while he suffered in defeat.

“And you just lost.” Sasuke sneered.

Sasuke went to the girl.

“You okay?” he asked while helping her to rise.

“Yeah, although his grip is really tight.”

“Maybe his grip won’t be so tight anymore.”

“Maybe. Anyway, thanks stranger.”

Sakura was about to walk off.

“Wait, would you tell a stranger your name?”

“My name is Sakura Haruno.”

“Sasuke Uchiha. I’ve got this feeling your new around here.”

“Oh, is it the dress?” She asked looking down on her pedal pants and one-piece black backless dress and low cut converse.

“No, no not at all. I love the dress” Sasuke was feeling his hormones are taking over.

“Thanks. I’ve never been to P3 before. It’s just opened y’know… and I’d never imagined that my first time here is I’ll get to see Gaara. Sorry if I blab too much. I tend to blab if I’m nervous. Sasuke is it? So please stop me of you will.”

“So do I make you nervous?” Sasuke was smirking.

“Well no, I mean yes. Sort of. But never mind that.” And Sakura was blushing red.

“Sakura! We’ve been looking for you everywhere.” TenTen appeared.

“Ooh, who’s this?” Ino asked Sakura.

“This is Sasuke.” Sakura introduced.

“And this TenTen, Ino and Hinata.”

“Nice to…meet you.”

“Same here.” TenTen smiled.

“Hinata, TenTen I got to powder my nose. Could you come with me for a sec?” Ino smiled widely.

“Guys, I’d like to come too.” Sakura stood up.

“Oh, no. Your nose looks okay. Now you just stay here.” Ino sat Sakura down.

“Sorry about that.” Sakura apologized.

“No worries.” Sasuke kept smirking every time.

“Sasuke thanks for saving me.”

“No problem.”

Bring Bring Bring

“Hold on for a sec.”

-on the phone- Teme! You got it going on with that girl.


-on the phone- We’ve been keeping a close eye on you and looks like you scored a jackpot.


-on the phone- Tell her to introduce us to her friends. At least we get some of the consolation prizes.

“Kiba!? Where are you?”

-on the phone- Look to your left at the lounging couches.

“Got to go”

-on the phone- H-Hey don’t put down the pho-

“Sakura. We got to go.” TenTen said.

“Oh… umm… bye Sasuke. I’ll see you sometime again.”

“Wait!” Sasuke yelled. But they ran.

“Tough luck, man.” Shikamaru patted Sasuke’s back.

“And I thought you weren’t looking for a girl.” Neji repeated what Sasuke said awhile ago.

“Hey Teme, the next time you see her again introduce us to her friends.” Naruto implied.

“That’s just it. I didn’t get anything on how to contact her.”

“Tough luck, man.” Shikamaru slurred.

“How could you not ask her contact number!?” Kiba barked.

“I didn’t know how!”

Chapter 3

“I had the weirdest dream last night.” Naruto said while he was coming eating his toast.

“What is it?” Kiba asked.

“I dreamt Teme was being flirty with a girl.”

“Stupid. That was real.” Shikamaru threw a bread crumb at him.

“I was not being flirty to her.” Sasuke implied.

“She was nervous, I was just having fun.” Sasuke added.

“By making her more nervous?” Neji asked with his left eyebrow high.

“And to think we were the bad guys.” Shikamaru snorted.

“I think we’re out of toothpaste.” Kiba shouted from the toilet.

“I’ll go buy some.” Neji volunteered.

Neji bought some toothpaste across they’re hotel. Then he saw one of Sakura’s friends. The girl with buns.

“TenTen is it?”

“Who’s asking?” she turned around.

“Neji Hyuuga. One of Sasuke’s friends.”

“Oh, the guy Sakura’s dating. I was hoping I’d bump into someone about it.”

“I’m one of them.” Neji winked.

“Neji, how’d you know my name?”

“We were watching from afar at the club last night.”

“That’s why I get this feeling someone was staring.”

“I wouldn’t blame you with that figure.”

“S’cuse me? I didn’t catch that.”

“Hmm? Oh nothing.”

“Oh good. I thought I was gonna use this kunai.” TenTen showed a kunai knife twirling around her finger.

“A weapons specialist.” Neji was quite impressed.

“I get this feeling your skilled too. Here catch!” TenTen threw the kunai that was twirling around her finger at the air. TenTen jumped and threw three more additional kunai knives and ten senbon needles.

Neji leaped to the air and flipped behind the four kunai knives and caught them all. Upon reaching the ground he used Rotation in the blink of an eye. The needles were deflected.

“Pretty good. For awhile there, I though you were going to catch the needles.”

“What would you say if I asked you for a drink?”

“Hn. You’re Vegas isn’t exactly my Vegas.”

“Well, maybe it should be!”

“7:00pm P3 entrance.”

“Sasuke! You can meet up again with Sakura later. At 7:00pm.”
Не это?


7 июня, 2008, в 12:11
Стебный фанф ^____^


7 июня, 2008, в 14:00
Эовин сказал(а)
Есть тут хоть один человек не думающей о пюрешках и Максиме ?! Mad Wink



7 июня, 2008, в 20:42
Drink сказал(а)
Разделяю.. Confused


7 июня, 2008, в 21:33
*Markus* сказал(а)
Можт Юги-о ещё? :D
Wink Wink Руки проч от ЮГИО!


8 июня, 2008, в 1:27
Сейчас на форуме (1/1336):


8 июня, 2008, в 1:43
Сейчас на форуме (2/1336):

Ты не будешь один Wink


8 июня, 2008, в 1:56
I am not narutofag >_<


8 июня, 2008, в 2:00
А я такси 4 токо посмотрел


8 июня, 2008, в 2:03
Ура! Еще кому-то не спицца! омг, а уже в Фц идет?


8 июня, 2008, в 3:34
Хмм, вот сейчас точно наверно уже все спять.))

Сейчас на форуме (1/1336):

Блин, на улице уже светло, а я только спать иду.)


8 июня, 2008, в 4:33
Сейчас на форуме (1/1336):
maxovtspongeboba - Сегодня, в 3:34 сказал(а)
Блин, на улице уже светло, а я только спать иду.)
А я в 4:00 встал. Smile


8 июня, 2008, в 6:06
А мне сокурсница напомнила (случайно) про Jones in the Fast Lane. Так что я ещё не ложился. :-Р


8 июня, 2008, в 12:01
Electric Light Orchestra сказал(а)
А я такси 4 токо посмотрел

ну, премьера


8 июня, 2008, в 12:30
а я только проснулась )) завтра екзамен по матеме хх


8 июня, 2008, в 12:51
nobleserpent сказал(а)
завтра екзамен по матеме


8 июня, 2008, в 12:56
Хехе, я тож тока проснулся! У меня послезавтра экзамен в универе, по матике.)


8 июня, 2008, в 13:07
дабам 6, по спорту 7, и по инглишу 7)


8 июня, 2008, в 13:16
Pyromatic сказал(а)
дабам 6, по спорту 7, и по инглишу 7)
надо онеме на английском смотреть Razz


8 июня, 2008, в 14:01
дааааа... Матема у меня хуже всех идет ;(


8 июня, 2008, в 19:56
nobleserpent сказал(а)
дааааа... Матема у меня хуже всех идет ;(
Матема фигня! Smile


8 июня, 2008, в 20:21
Понимаешь, обычно я не учусь, и все темы которые мы проходим понимаю непосредственно перед контрольными. А с математикой так нельзя(


8 июня, 2008, в 20:40
nobleserpent сказал(а)
Понимаешь, обычно я не учусь, и все темы которые мы проходим понимаю непосредственно перед контрольными. А с математикой так нельзя(
На экзамене такие элементарные задания, так что не бойтесь! Smile. Вот олимпиадные задачки- это уже совсем другое Smile


8 июня, 2008, в 20:44
Вот примерчик задачка с математической олимпиады
Сколько существует трёхзначных чисел, цифры которых расположены в убывающем порядке (пример: 431, 720 и т.п.) Поломайте голову Smile
Вот еще, но она попроще
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